Granulated pulp

Granulated pulp

Granulated sugar beet pulp is an extracted chopped sugar beet, feed waste of sugar production for cattle feeding. This product may be stored for long time and thanks to it is widely spread in cattle breeding.
Granulated dried pulp is grey green cylinders, 8-10 mm in diameter containing up to 88% of dry matters.


In terms of feeding value pulp takes medium place between the oat and hay, it contains by 1.5 times more digestible matters than hay, and almost as much as oat. Pulp is a precious source of fibre which is the best natural energy substrate. Furthermore, sugar beet pulp contains calcium (in sugar production, in the process of extraction limestone is added).

The advantages of storage and transporting of the sugar beet granulated pulp are universally recognized: sparing of space and long storage period, as well as the possibility of transporting of bulks in a small space are important factors in calculation of costs today.

The manufactured beet dry pulp meets the requirements of National State Standard DSTU 4647:2006 "Technical Specifications. Dried pulp".

Critical quality attributes are as follows:

Dried granulated pulp

Table 1 - Organoleptic points

Point   Dried pulp characteristics
without adding of molasses amidic distiller amidic mineral granulated
Colour Grey Brownish grey Brownish grey Dark brown Brownish grey
Smell Characteristic, without stale, musty odour, whiteout other foreign smells

Table 2 - Physical and chemical features

Feature   Dried pulp norm
without adding of molasses


distiller amidic mineral granulated
Moisture weight part, %, not more than   14,0 14,0 14,0 14,0 14,0
Crude protein weight part, %, not less than   7 7 7 7 25,0
Carbamide weight part added in solution with molasses, %, more than   - - 6,0 - 8,0
Mechanical impurities weight part, %, not more than   1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Sucrose weight part, %, not less than   - 10,0 - - -
Non-granulated pulp weight part, %, not more than   10,0 10,0 10,0 - 10,0
Weight of metal foreign matters with the size of up to 2 mm, mg/kg, not more than   100 100 100 100 100
Weight of metal foreign matters with the size of more than 2 mm, with sharp edges, mg/kg, not more than   Is not allowed
NOTE. Drying the pulp in the solid fuel-fired drying plants, mechanical impurities weight part of not more than 2.5 % is allowed.