Sugar for industry

Sugar for industry

High quality indices and safety parameters of our products, outstanding reliability and guarantee, successful innovations and long experience as well as partnership approach allowed building a strong and long-term cooperation with the leaders of Ukrainian confectionery industry, manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages, trade networks and international trade companies.

Today further development and improvement of the consistency of our solutions, building of the long-term partnership relations, optimizing of logistics and export-led growth are the company's priorities.

We offer our customers white granulated sugar of National State Standard DSTU 4623:2006, categories І-ІІІ.

To make it more convenient we provide various packing types:

- Flecon bags with PE inserts, 50 kg;

- bigbag-type containers (500-1000 kg);

- truck tank cars laden in bulk.

In Flecon bags with PE inserts, 50 kg each

Flecon bag of 50 kg is widely spread packing type on the market of Ukraine. The majority of Ukrainian food industry enterprises use it.

In big bags (500-1000 kg)

Big bag packing is rather practical for industrial purposes, because thus it is possible to decrease time for unloading operations, and the mode of sugar supply to production is simpler, as big bags are equipped with measuring valves. This type of packing is also popular for exporting of products.

Truck tank cars laden in bulk

This is the most economically efficient mode of sugar supply to industrial customers. It doesn’t require any extra costs while unloading and is rather popular in the world practice. This shipment mode becomes ever more popular in Ukraine among the leaders of confectionery industry and in the process of manufacture of non-alcoholic beverages.