Sugar beet molasses (syrup) is sugar beet production waste; it is dense and cloudy brown to dark brown colour with characteristic odour, tasting bitterish sweet, dissolvable in hot and cold water.

Beet molasses is widely used in:

  • feeding of cattle;
  • yeast production;
  • spirits production;
  • liquor production;
  • candy manufacturing;
  • bioethanol production.

Beet molasses meets the requirements of National State Standard DSTU 3696-98 (All-union State Standard GOST 30561-98). "Sugar beet molasses. Technical specifications".

Critical quality attributes are as follow:

Table 1 Organoleptic points

PointCharacteristicsTest method
Visual appearance Dense sticky cloudy liquid 7.2
Colour Brown to dark brown 7.2
Smell Characteristic of beet molasses, without foreign smells 7.2
Taste Bitterish sweet 7.2
Dissolubility Complete, dissolves in any proportions in cold and hot water 7.2

Table 2 — Physical and chemical features

FeatureNormTest method
Dry solids weight part, %, not less than 78,0 7.3
Sucrose weight part, %, not less than 46,0 7.4
Total fermentable sugars weight part, %, not less than 46,4 7.5
pH 6,9 – 7,2 7.6

Table 3 Microbial attributes

AttributeNormTest method
Total aerobic mesophilic count and optionally anaerobic micro organisms, CFU in1 g, not more than 1,0х105 7.7
Moulds, CFU in 1 g, not more than 1,5х104 7.7