Continuous improvement, team work of professionals and high-quality competitive products provided the company's leading position on the Ukrainian market.

This being said, we consider the staff, solid team of the likeminded people devoted to the goals and company's values our maximum treasure, every day they unite to reach common aim, they make efforts, implement creative ideas and work painstakingly for the sake of the company's life.

Working for the company means first and foremost due placement and social safeguards, high salary and bonus system.

The company employs people of various age, among them young graduates and experienced professionals who transfer their experience and skills gained during the years of labour. The employees' average age falls within the limits of 37-41 years.

Cooperating closely with various education establishments, selection of the best graduates is performed to provide the work and internship for the young specialists.

Career prospects of the company could be well illustrated by the graduates of 2011 - 2012 who already in 2014-2015 hold the appointments of lead professionals, they are: Operation Manager, Development Engineer, Workshop and Shift Supervisors. Specialists selected from the best graduates of Ukrainian higher education establishments always intern with the company.

The company's management is highly concerned with education and preparation of its own skilled personnel, and cares about professional training of the employees introducing various training programs, foreign language courses (free tuition for 100% of the staff), knowledge renewal, increase of the upgrade, internship on exchange basis both at other Ukrainian enterprises and abroad.

Particular attention is paid to occupational safety and constant improvement of conditions of employment.

UAH 4.5 Mio is spent annually on the projects described above.

All of the employees are provided with the company working clothes, shoes and personal safety equipment. With the view of employees' comfort large ventilated locker room with modern shower booths and boxes for clothes changing was arranged. Agreements with proper washing, dry-cleaning and tailoring repairs service suppliers have been signed.

After the end of the working day many of the employees continue communication in form of sporting contests with profit to health.

The company unfailingly follows further ethical principles:

  • simplicity and transparency of employment relations;
  • flexible public remuneration system motivating the ambitious and responsible;
  • team work with respect of everyone's opinion;
  • mutual integrity and openness.

We care for the comfort, well-being and safety of our employees; we appreciate self motivation of every member and look for the new ideas to strive for remaining the best.