Radekhivskyi Sugar LLC is an up-to-date modernized enterprise specializing in procession of sugar beet and production of granulated sugar, molasses and pulp. The company is the largest sugar producer in Western Ukraine.

Since 2010, Radekhiv Sugar LLC has been a member of the international group of companies Pfeifer & Langen.

Pfeifer & Langen is a family company founded in 1870 in Cologne, Germany by entrepreneurs Emil and Valentin Pfeiffer and Eugene Langen. Today, it is one of the most important sugar producers in Germany, offering a wide range of high-quality products under the Kölner Zucker and Diamant brands.

Pfeifer & Langen owns five sugar factories in Germany, with shares in Poland, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In Ukraine, production facilities are located in Lviv and Ternopil regions and form five structural units - Radekhiv, Chortkiv, Zbarazh, Koziv and Khorostkiv.

Radekhiv production site

The history of development of Radekhiv production site started in June 1974 when on the territory of Pavliv village, Radekhiv district, Lviv region construction of the Fifth Lviv Sugar Producing Plant began. The project plan of construction of the plant with capacity of sugar beet processing of 6 K t/day was developed in 1974 by Ukrhiprotsukor. The sugar plant construction lasted over four years. On December 10th 1978 the plant was commissioned.Total area of the plant territory is 159 ha. The plant is provided with railroad house tracks and automobile feeder roads.

The raw material zone is situated in Radekhiv, Sokal, Busk, Kamyanka-Buska, Brody and Zhovkva distrcits of Lviv region, in Horokhiv and Lokachi districts of Volynska region and some districts of Rivne region.The plant production capacity of sugar beet processing is 8 K t/day.The key product manufactured at the plant is the industrial granulated sugar, side products being molasses and pulp (wet, dry and granulated).

Within the plant operation complete technical re-equipment and modernization of production processes have been performed.

Chortkiv production site

In May 2013 Radekhivskyi Sugar LLC spread its activity to the territory of Ternopil region and purchased the production capacities of Chortkiv Sugar Producing Plant.

Chortkiv Sugar Producing Plant is located on the territory of Zavodske township, Chortkiv district, Ternopil region. The plant was commissioned in November 1977.Total area of the plant is 176.05 ha, including the production site of 82.78 ha. The closest railroad station is Shmankivchyky 2 km away from the plant.

The raw material zone spans Chortkiv, Zalishchyky, Buchach, Terebovlya, Husyatyn, Ternopil, Horodenka and Chemerivtsi districts of Ternopil region.The plant production capacity of sugar beet processing is 8 K t/day.The key plant's activity is processing of sugar beet and production of granulated sugar. Side activities include production of molasses and dry granulated pulp.

From the moment of acquisition of Chortkiv production site active process of modernizing and improvement of production processes is being conducted.

Khorostkiv production site

Khorostkiv Sugar Producing Plant is located in Husiatyn district of Ternopil region and is one of the biggest and most important companies of this district.

The raw processing was launched in 1958 and encompassed 3 thou. tons of sugar beet per day. With the substantial increase of sugar beet seeding in the region and, consequently, with regard to the increased crop yield, we decided to increase the production capacities of the plant. Throughout 1976–1980, the plant has been renovated.

Khorostkiv Sugar Producing Plant was assigned three beet bases in Husiatyn and Terebovlia districts. The company’s useful areas make it 4000 sq. m.

Throughout 2007-2013, the plant has been gradually upgraded. We have purchased a pool of machines of foreign manufacturers that allows processing up to 7 thou. tons of sugar beet per day so far.

Kozova production site

Kozova Sugar Producing Plant is located in Kozova urban-type village of Ternopil region and is the biggest district’s enterprise with the area of 240 hectares. The sugar plant construction was launched in 1954, and the first product batch was released on December 29, 1959. The designed capacity of the company was 1.5 thou. tons of sugar beet processing per day.

Since 1968, the enterprise had been undergoing renovation. In 1971, the plant was introduced automatic transfer lines what led to substantial increase in labor productivity. The renovation had lasted up to 1975. Due to performed activities, the company’s capacity has increased and made it 2.7 thou. tons of beet per day.

The plant is provided by access routes for both railway and motor vehicles. The basic products, produced by the sugar plant are industrial granulated sugar, minor melis and pulp (wet).

Throughout 2011-2014, the company has performed upgrading of its technologies and equipment in order to increase the plant’s production capacities by 4 thou. tons of sugar beet processing per day. 

Zbarazh production site

Zbarazh Sugar Producing Plant is located in the town of Zbarazh of Ternopil district. Construction of Zbarazh Sugar Producing Plant was launched in November 1963 by Ternopil company group Ternopilprombud. Zbarazh Sugar Producing Plant was commissioned in 1969. The designed capacity of the company was 3 thou. tons of sugar beet processing per day.

 Since 1975 and by 1996, the plant was year by year processing the cane raw sugar, and this processing was restored in 2003. Throughout 41 years of its operation, the company has produced 940.4 thou. tons of sugar from sugar beet and 1150.5 thou. tons of granulated sugar from the raw.

In order to improve organization of the core production in the company, the company has every year developed and implemented organizational and technical measures, aimed at increase of core production efficiency, reduction of fuel and energy consumption, enhancement of labor productivity and product improvement.